How is ClearWELL™ connected?

ClearWELL™ is a non-intrusive surface mounted technology which transmits a radio frequency signal into to the wellbore. The signal is introduced into the well using a connector attached at the wellhead. Well intervention is not required for installation and production can continue uninterrupted.

What are the power requirements for ClearWELL™?

ClearWELL™ units operate continuously and require connection to an electrical power source of 10W, 110 - 240 VAC or 24 VDC.

How does ClearWELL™ treat the wellbore from the surface?

ClearWELL™ introduces a continuous alternating electromagnetic pulse into the metallic casing and tubing. The electromagnetic field travels along the wellbore and returns through a dedicated return path. The placement of ClearWELL™ requires consideration of the return path and its compatibility with the load.

Does ClearWELL™ prevent all types of scaling?

ClearWELL™ prevents the deposition of common oilfield inorganic mineral scales such as Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3), Barium Sulphate (BaSO4), Calcium Sulphate (CaSO4), Strontium Sulphate (SrSO4), and Sodium Chloride (NaCl).

What type of wells and facilities are best suited to ClearWELL™?

ClearWELL™ has been successful for most types of wells, such as oil wells, gas wells, onshore wells, offshore wells with dry trees, naturally flowing wells and HPHT wells. Artificially lifted wells, for example water injection wells, gas injection wells and ESP wells, etc., are ideal candidates.

ClearWELL™ also protects surface processing facilities, pipelines, flowlines and connected equipment suffering from water formed scales.

Does the radio frequency signal interfere with communication systems?

There is no interference with the communication systems used at offshore/onshore facilities from the signal generated by the ClearWELL device.

What is ClearWELL™’s effect on corrosion?

The ClearWELL™ signal is corrosion neutral. The AC signal neither promotes nor impedes electrochemical corrosion.

Is the ClearWELL™ technology unique?

The ClearWELL™ technology is patented and it is the only oilfield scale control solution of its kind.

Is it proven and reliable?

Yes, ClearWELL™ is being used on variety of wells all over the world and based on its success in the field it is fast becoming the number one choice by operators. It has a 20+ year track record and early development included extensive field testing. Related academic studies include:

  • SPE-170898 Preventing scale deposition downhole using high frequency electromagnetic AC signals from surface to enhance production offshore Denmark.
  • SPE-169415-MS An environmentally friendly method to control halite scale deposition: Proved case histories from Latin America.
  • SPE-133526-PP Physical water treatment in the oilfield.
  • SPE-114072 Two-year results of a breakthrough physical water treating system for the control of scale in oilfield applications.

Is it suitable for hazardous areas?

ClearWELL™ units are available for use in hazardous areas (zones 1 and 2) with full ATEX/IECEx certification. We also offer ClearWELL™ that are listed by CSA Group as certified/verified for use in the United States and Canada.