Achieving long-term uplift in well economics and performance

25 November 2020

Most operators that trial ClearWELL technology see exceptional results in economics and well performance and quickly convert to long-term users. For example, the operator of this ESP well in the Fox Creek area of Alberta installed ClearWELL technology back in 2013. Production from the Duvernay formation was generating severe calcite scaling which was directly leading to an ESP run-time average of just 18 months. Now, scale related ESP failure has been eliminated and run-times are averaging 3.5 years, with any failures being non-scale related. With a successful 7 year record of protecting this well, there are many others like it among our case studies.

If you’re experiencing well or equipment failures due to scale, and would like to eliminate related downtime and production loss, then ClearWELL can help. It will protect your downhole tubing and equipment, such as ESPs or safety valves, target hard to reach areas and treat scaling in adverse conditions, such as high pressure, high temperature or low temperature environments. It will also protect your surface assets such as pipelines, processing and storage facilities. Contact us today to find out more on

How does ClearWELL™ technology work?

How does ClearWELL™ technology work?

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