Adding long-term value to producing wells

19 January 2022

Continuing oil price fluctuations and highly variable market forces are encouraging operators to examine individual well economics ever more closely. Many producers are looking for new ways to maximise existing production and flow performance and to introduce long-term incremental gains. ClearWELL™ scale control technology is part of this approach and in Canada, for example, we are seeing a significant increase in demand, due to the consistent and long-term value our technology can deliver.

This image shows another installation which was completed at the end of December for a returning client. The ESP well is producing from the Beaverhill formation in Central Alberta and had previously been experiencing calcite and barite scale both downhole and within the surface equipment. ClearWELL™ technology is now preventing scale buildup throughout the complete system and will provide flow assurance for many years ahead.

How does ClearWELL™ technology work?

How does ClearWELL™ technology work?

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