ClearWELL™ controls scale deposition in three artificial lift wells in Tunisia.

31 March 2022

This month we were in Tunisia performing two unit health checks and one new installation for two existing independent oil operator clients.

Our newest installation is successfully protecting an ESP well which had been suffering from calcite scaling and in turn affecting the integrity of the lifting equipment. Following our inhouse analysis, modelling and simulation work, we configured the installation with two injection points to effectively propagate the electromagnetic signal around the system.

We also provided a unit health check for the same client at a different site, where our technology has been protecting another ESP well from calcite, calcium sulphate and halite scaling. In our maintenance visits, we routinely check the integrity of the equipment and connection points, the signal strength and circuit capacitance and resistivity.

During the trip we visited another client’s wellsite for a health check on a ClearWELL™ unit that has been protecting a vertical rod pump well from calcite scaling since Q4 2021. The scale build-up had been plugging the sand screen and affecting the pump causing the downhole equipment to fail every three months despite injection of scale inhibitor chemicals. Since ClearWELL™ technology was introduced, there has been no scale related equipment failures or production downtime.

Between physical inspections, the performance of each of these units is remotely monitored by our engineers in Aberdeen, via satellite communications.

How does ClearWELL™ technology work?

How does ClearWELL™ technology work?

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