ClearWELL™ technology is installed on two rod pump oil wells for two long term clients in Alberta.

8 April 2024

Continuing to work with a number of long-term clients in Canada, we've recently installed ClearWELL™ technology on two rod pump oil wells for two different operators in Alberta.

The first installation was for a newly completed well, producing from a field that is well-known for calcite scaling. The operator routinely installs our technology on these wells before production is started, ensuring the best possible performance.

The second project involved a well which had been suffering from calcite scaling on the insert pump, periodically causing the rods to part, with associated downtime every 4-6 weeks. This client already has ClearWELL™ units working across eight different fields and is a keen advocate for our technology after experiencing its flow assurance benefits first-hand over a number of years.

Prior to the installation of our electromagnetic solution, we conduct a feasibility study to review the well architecture and technical performance data. We then complete in-house scale modelling, temperature and pressure profiling and radio frequency simulations. If the candidate well is a match for our technology then we carry out a site survey and signal test before installation. We then continuously remote monitor the performance of our equipment and provide regular on-site health checks to ensure optimum long-term results.

These projects further demonstrate the importance of using ClearWELL™ scale-control technology for artificial lift wells around the world.

How does ClearWELL™ technology work?

How does ClearWELL™ technology work?

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