ClearWELL™ technology to treat wellhead and surface flowline scaling offshore Indonesia

8 November 2023

ClearWELL™ technology has been installed on two wells offshore Indonesia to treat low level but progressive calcite scale deposition at the wellhead and in surface flowlines. The scaling was increasing over time as the hydrocarbon production rates declined and pressure reduced due to reservoir depletion.

The operator had been using a chemical scale inhibitor and implementing surface cleans during planned shutdowns, but with scale tendency increasing the operator approached ClearWELL for a long-term solution.

To ensure the most efficient performance of our technology, we undertook an analysis of the well architecture, analysis of scale samples, scale prediction modelling, electromagnetic RF signal modelling and a site visit to test signal propagation in the field. These studies aligned closely with the operator’s findings and provided high confidence that an effective treatment would be provided.

Our engineer travelled to the wellsite and installed two ClearWELL™ units on each well, one at the wellhead and one at the choke. This configuration had been modelled in-house and was indicated as the best solution for both wells. Since installation, the results have been promising and we'll continue to monitor performance remotely 24/7 through our satellite enabled system, with equipment health checks performed regularly by our site engineer.

How does ClearWELL™ technology work?

How does ClearWELL™ technology work?

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