Eight newly constructed wells in Alberta are protected from scale by ClearWELL™

11 December 2023

We’ve just installed further ClearWELL™ units for an existing client at their newest eight well pad in northern Alberta. These gas lift wells are producing from the Montney formation which is known to cause calcite and barite scaling, so the operator was keen to install ClearWELL™ at an early stage for maximum flow assurance.

Similar to many of our projects, the well architecture, surrounding well-pad infrastructure and downhole conditions all varied between wells, so we carefully evaluated each one using inhouse simulations and tested for optimum signaling before and after installation.

Our eco-friendly technology provides a highly effective treatment for common oil and gas related scaling in both downhole and surface systems. Our units are externally mounted and non-intrusive, so there’s no production downtime during installation. The technology minimises HSE risk by reducing the use of chemicals, the number of personnel on site and the need for remedial intervention. Our team will now remotely monitor each unit around the clock to ensure effective continuous performance.

How does ClearWELL™ technology work?

How does ClearWELL™ technology work?

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