Five newly drilled wells protected from scaling in Northern Alberta.

9 December 2021

Five ClearWELL™ units have been deployed at a newly drilled, multi-well pad in Northern Alberta. The project was completed for an existing client who has already seen significant value from our scale control technology.

We have many units deployed around this region, successfully protecting wells from commonly occurring calcite and barite scale. This particular installation is treating gas-lift wells producing from the Montney formation.

Our operational well and system review, pre-installation site survey and RF scale simulation modelling ensures optimal performance from day one.

ClearWELL™ technology provides a highly effective treatment for minimising scale build-up within the well and the surface equipment, extending run times and reducing remediation costs. The technology provides long-term, continuous production efficiency benefits, and being surface-mounted, there is no well intervention or downtime required during installation.

How does ClearWELL™ technology work?

How does ClearWELL™ technology work?

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