Geothermal power plant installation - routine maintenance check

17 October 2022

We installed two ClearWELL™ units at a geothermal power plant in Germany this year to control calcite scaling. One unit is installed on the well to protect the ESP and one is installed at the process facility to protect the filtering system and heat exchangers.

Once we complete an installation, we monitor our units remotely via satellite. We also perform regular physical checks to ensure the integrity of the equipment and its communication with the wet environment, which is especially useful when system upgrades or equipment modifications are made. When available, we also use data provided by the client to give us a more complete picture of performance.

We captured some images during our recent maintenance visit to this site, to show how ClearWELL™ is typically installed in a geothermal setting and some of the checks we perform.

How does ClearWELL™ technology work?

How does ClearWELL™ technology work?

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