How ClearWELL™ can improve HSE performance at the wellsite

9 November 2020

How can ClearWELL™ help to improve your HSE performance at the wellsite?..

Using ClearWELL’s continuous scale control technology can eliminate, or greatly reduce, the following risks:

- Chemical transport, handling, heavy lifting, decanting and injection operations
- Environmental exposure to chemical spillage/ leakage
- Personnel exposure to chemicals
- Chemical storage, stock piling and disposal
- The carbon footprint associated with the transport of personnel, liquids, materials and equipment to the wellsite for scale remediation and well intervention
- Multiple personnel attending the wellsite at one time
- Risks associated with well control and intervention operations.

ClearWELL’s unique, non-invasive, electromagnetic technology delivers continuous scale control and flow assurance for onshore and offshore wells and surface processing equipment. Our remote monitoring service provides peace of mind and minimises personnel mobilisation.

How does ClearWELL™ technology work?

How does ClearWELL™ technology work?

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