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17 February 2022

Canada provides an excellent example of the environmental extremes that our products need to withstand, with temperatures ranging from +40C to -50C and significant snowfall in the winter months.

Here’s a photo we took during a recent unit health check for one of our largest Canadian clients. Our ClearWELL™ unit is protecting this gas lift oil well from calcite as it produces from the Montney formation in Northern Alberta. Recognising the long-term reliability and value of our technology, the operator has units installed on a wide range of wells throughout the region. The wells span four different oil and gas fields producing from the Montney, Duvernay and Swan Hills formations.

ClearWELL™ technology provides long-term, continuous protection from scale build up using a small, surface mounted signalling unit which is built to last. Our units are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, are IP66 rated as dust tight and protected against heavy jets of water and can be supplied for use in hazardous areas (zones 1 and 2) with full ATEX/IECEx certification. Our high-quality units are certified by the CSA Group for USA and Canada and our manufacturing process meets ISO 9001 standards. ClearWELL™ units can be found around the world, reliably operating in a wide range of environments both onshore and offshore.

How does ClearWELL™ technology work?

How does ClearWELL™ technology work?

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