Verifying the effectiveness of ClearWELL in an FPSO heat exchanger

15 March 2022

We have just returned from another trip to the North Sea, to examine a ClearWELL™ application on board an FPSO. The operator is currently experiencing a complex magnesium calcite scale problem within their heat exchangers, which is reducing separation, creating high basic sediment and water ratio and reducing water reinjection performance. The site visit was undertaken to test and verify our solution, following detailed pre-installation analysis and theoretical simulation studies.

This is a new application for ClearWELL™, although our technology has been used very successfully in similar surface processing applications. Nevertheless, we apply a rigorous assessment protocol to ensure its suitablity, conducting detailed in-house analysis of the system architecture, process physics, and fluid chemistry and have performed a range of EMF simulations. The site visit then applies our theoretical understanding to the physical environment to prove the technology’s effectiveness. Here we use a mobile demo unit, oscilloscope and Rogowski coils to test the signal propagation and strength at varying connection points, making a final and highly reliable recommendation for installation.

From our studies we have determined that ClearWELL™ will prevent scale buildup within the tank and on the surface of the heater element, addressing the problems cited by the FPSO operator.

How does ClearWELL™ technology work?

How does ClearWELL™ technology work?

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